The WINGStand

Our Story

When individuals discuss design they approach it from angles: that of form and that of function. However, there is a third aspect which is equally if not more important—the story. This is the story of the WINGStand.

The WINGStand was conceived in a freshman dorm-room at Stanford University, designed as a tool to bring new functionality to the iPad. Up to that point, students had only been using their tablet for reading and watching movies. Typing without a tactile interface had made taking notes, writing emails, and using the iPad like a computer impossible.

The first prototype for the WIGNStand was hewn from an old chunk of plastic, but over the course of six weeks, over 30 prototypes were developed to best solve the touchscreen typing issue. One month later the WINGStand was up on Kickstarter—a crowd funding site aimed at helping realize creative ideas.

Over its seven week funding cycle, the WINGStand raised nearly $60,000 from avid supporters wanting to make it a reality. With over 1,400 early adopters and coverage from media giants like WIRED and Gizmodo, the WINGStand raced into production in early September.

From start to finish, the WINGStand has been more than just a product. It embodies the notion that today anyone who’s passionate can make their ideas a reality. It proves that the most humble beginnings can provide for the most exciting adventures, and that today people will come together to make things happen if united by a good idea.

The WINGStand represents the potential for youthful innovation and the interconnectedness that makes that innovation possible.

It just so happens that it’s a great product as well.